We are the rainwater harvesting experts.

At Earthcraft, we specialize in closed-loop systems that take into account both water-wise plant choices and efficient irrigation systems. The harvested rainwater can be used to its optimum to irrigate a beautifully designed garden.

Our professional expertise assures the most excellent system to suit our client’s specific needs — a cutting-edge design using the most current products. Our service continues from design to overseeing installation and maintenance. We want to ensure our systems meet all our client’s expectations.

We help to meet project goals by providing the following services:

Site Analysis

We recommend an initial onsite analysis to evaluate each client’s unique situation. Our analysis and review include the following:

  • The feasibility of a rainwater system
  • Proposed rainwater usage
  • The most effective and aesthetic way to integrate a system to distribute and wisely utilize the rainwater for the site


Once the site has been evaluated, a determination is made regarding the type of system. The next crucial steps in the design process include:

  • Scale and size of the rainwater harvesting system
  • Layout of the system components
  • System mechanics
  • Construction notes, details and specifications for long-term efficiency and effectiveness

Installation and Project Management

After the design has been finalized and necessary permit approvals obtained (typically no permit is needed for drip irrigation use), construction may commence:

  • There are different phases of construction for a rainwater harvesting system: site preparation, material delivery, installation, and final testing.
  • To guarantee the proper installation of the rainwater harvesting system design, Earthcraft is on-site to coordinate the contractors during critical stages of construction.
  • After the installation, Earthcraft is available to provide additional support with maintenance questions or concerns.

Where to begin the rainwater harvesting process:

The simplest way to begin the process is to contact our office and schedule an appointment for an on-site consultation. Our fees depend on your project location and complexity. During the consultation, we evaluate your site and discuss ideas about rainwater harvesting systems and/or landscaping and irrigation.

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