Pioneering Projects


Earthcraft has been on the forefront of advocacy for alternative water sources for over a decade; especially for irrigation use, and more recently for indoor use.

Mr. Markowitz has traveled extensively to countries that utilize rainwater and recycled water for everyday use. He has spoken with and learned from the people of these areas of the world and seen firsthand how well their water systems work.

Over the last decade, he has met with numerous agencies and jurisdictions in California to help spread the word and educate on the benefits of adopting these ideas. He’s successfully talked with Building and Planning departments about accepting these systems that are common in other places around the world.

We’ve discovered how we can use Rainwater and Graywater for irrigation and other uses rather than being washed down the drain.

Above all, we at Earthcraft have conveyed to our local agencies that we have a Passionate Belief why this should be done:

Although Water Systems design is beyond the usual purview of Landscape Architecture, water is such an important issue in our profession. We’ve discovered how we can use Rainwater and Graywater, two sources of useable water that are literally being washed down the pipe, for irrigation and other non potable uses. By doing this we are saving potable water, and all the energy and infrastructure costs it takes to treat and make this water potable.

Local agencies are gradually accepting these technologies, especially if the systems meet plumbing, electrical and public safety codes. Many jurisdictions today are even encouraging creative, alternative water sources of water!