When it Rains, it Pours


Several miles up the steep, winding roads of the Santa Cruz Mountains is the Bowens’ residence, a tranquil property surrounded by lush Japanese-inspired gardens. However, the Bowens’ peaceful paradise was rudely interrupted when all five of the wells they had drilled on the property went dry and they found themselves spending thousands of dollars having [...]

Looking Up For Water


As they spent thousands of dollars drilling fruitless wells and thousands more trucking in water, Jim and Carolyn Bowen worried about how to keep irrigating the 1 1/2-acre garden paradise that surrounds their Santa Cruz mountains’ home. Bobby Markowitz, the landscape architect who designed the grounds, came up with a plan: Start looking up for [...]

Let it rain: Harvesting rainwater conserves and saves money

SENTINEL 2006 author: Bud Stuckey “How singular, and yet how simple, the philosophy of rain! Who but Nature could have devised such an admirable arrangement for watering the Earth?” – Ure, from ‘A Dictionary of Thought’ With every project, water conservation, maintenance and drainage are prevailing issues for landscape designers and architects on the Central Coast. Water [...]

Water Catchment, a Way of Caring for a Precious Resource

Dancing on Tanks

By Monica Woelfel With the potential of a dry year on the horizon, Valley residents and government bodies alike are again considering the best ways to conserve water. And some homeowners have found low-tech, old-time ideas to help irrigate their gardens while avoiding the purchase of expensive municipal water supplies. In fact, one source of [...]