Net-Zero Project

This cutting edge, envelope pushing project includes three new structures, vegetated roofing, renovated pool/spa/landscaping, state of the art sub-surface irrigation, an underground 100,000 gallon rainwater harvesting/storage system, a grey water reuse system, on-site electrical generation, energy and water conservation retrofits to the 5000 square foot main house, strict adherence to healthy building biology standards and systems to monitor utility use and air quality all in real time.

The entire project can be broken down into three sub-projects; Landscape/hardscape additions and improvements, Net-zero water installations and retrofits and Net-zero energy installations and retrofits.

Earthcraft Designed the Net-zero Water Systems, which include:

  • A full site rainwater collection system from the rooftops and the surface drainage, which uses a 100,000 gallon underground water cistern for irrigating the entire landscape.
  • We are also bringing the rainwater into the home for non potable uses, for toilet flushing and washing machine.
  • Gray water plumbing and distribution systems were designed and installed to connect with a subsurface capillary irrigation system for the lawn.
  • This project also incorporates real time moisture and water use monitoring technologies.

You can view project updates HERE.