Benefits of Graywater Use:

A Crabapple tree thrives… it is watered only with Graywater in summer.

The State of California, local municipalities, and the general public have finally “rediscovered” the value of Graywater. Here’s why:

  • Graywater produces a great amount of useable water- many thousands of gallons per year- for irrigation use in the landscape.
  • Most plants love Graywater, as it contains phosphates, which are found in most market fertilizers for root growth. (Acid loving plants and some Australian species are the exception.)
  • Graywater is being successfully used in underground irrigation systems (not for sprinklers) around the world.
  • Here in California, Graywater is a great source of irrigation water in the dry summer months, when plants need it the most.
  • And because it is frequently recycled from the source through the irrigation system, it reduces other alternative water (such as Rainwater) storage needs.

This Japanese bathtub produces 25,000 gal water per year- more than enough to water the client’s suburban landscape in Palo Alto.

Abundant and useable Graywater is readily available from:

  • Washing machines
  • Showers and bath
  • Lavatory sinks
  • Air conditioning condensate

CASE STUDY: A Domestic Graywater System for a Family of 5:

A family of five people typically uses about 100,000 gallons a year of potable water in their homes. 50% of this water, or 50,000 gallons a year, can be recycled, filtered and used to water their landscape… That amounts to a BIG savings!!

Because it is such a viable source of water for irrigation:

    In this Permaculture inspired landscape in Scotts Valley, Earthcraft designed the garden to utilize Graywater from the house for watering the Fruit trees, and most of the Ornamental Plantings throughout the year.

  • Many irrigation manufacturers have invested in the design and marketing of irrigation components that are functional with graywater.
  • Many municipalities, such as Santa Clara, CA., have put into place the pipe infrastructure for recycling graywater for irrigation use.
  • Innovative filtration systems are now on the market, from woven fabric filters to sand filtration, that filter graywater for use in drip irrigation systems.